Sunday, December 5, 2010


JIM MCRARY Mini-Reviews

Mr. Magoo by Steve Tills
(Loose Gravel Press, Arroyo Grande, CA, 1997)

This is, belated yet, a collection of work by Mr. Tills from 1997 here now brought up in 2010. Perhaps lying in the rough all these years….or not. Out of play for sure. But to kick off a new imprint and re-birth of Loose Gravel Press
what could be better. So here is the deal….this guy I know and you know that because we all read the same stuff.

That said I just spent time overlooking this Mr. Magoo. And it kills me. Why not. Fresh for sure because like all the good ones Tills knew what was funny almost a decade ago and knows it is still. That is the deal here too. Mr. Magoo indeed. How Can you not. Laugh. Here this (is that Blackburn) excerpt:
“What d’ya do for a living, Guy?”

“Ah, Clockwork. Clockwork’s
my trade.”

                                    “Long time?”

“Yeah, been doin it for a long time.”

The whole thing is to be read and read aloud and read in public and passed on. For the right reasons.


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